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The Travel Doctor Group provides travel medicine services to all travellers before, after and while you travel. Clinics are accessible, have up-to-date global communications, and main centers are open Saturday mornings.
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pre travel

  • Individual medical advice on international health risks on a location by location basis
  • Full range of vaccinations on site - The Travel Doctor (TMVC) clinics are World Health Organisation (WHO) approved yellow fever vaccination centers
  • Risk assessment of and advice on strategies to prevent insect-borne diseases such as malaria and dengue fever
  • Information handouts covering health concerns are given to every patient
  • Standard and customised medical kits for individuals and organisations
  • Full medicals (where appropriate) visa application health checks and fitness to travel certificates
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while away

  • On-going communication by email for non-urgent medical concerns raised during travel
  • International directory of local medical facilities and English speaking doctors in many overseas countries
  • Health alerts via the Travel Doctor website
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upon return

  • Medical assessments regarding any concerns to possible exposure to disease or infection
  • Medical review if illness has occurred while overseas or if unwell on return
  • Referral point for infectious diseases specialist opinion
Travel Health Advisory Service

This website also includes a travel health advisory service. On this site you receive a report that includes a product and vaccination recommendation and fact sheets on general travel and tropical medicine specific to your country of destination.

The travel health advisory site allows you to select the country you will be travelling to, the date you will be starting your travels, and finally specify how long (in days) you will be staying there, and press the report button.

This service is free of charge for the first two reports. To visit the site click here.
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business travel

The Business Traveller

We understand that business travellers need to get a job done. Protecting the health of yourself or your staff overseas is essential to ensuring the job gets done and with as little inconvenience as possible. The Travel Doctor is the travel health professional in this area and can ensure the best possible pre-travel preparation is carried out as efficiently as possible.

The Travel Doctor has the flexibility to respond to individual organisation's requirements. All clinics are World Health Organisation (WHO) approved for the provision of yellow fever vaccine.

Services offered to organisations by The Travel Doctor clinics include:

  • Individual medical advice on international health risks on a location by location basis
  • The most current medical advice on international health risks
  • Complete range of vaccinations on site including yellow fever, rabies and Japanese encephalitis
  • Full medicals, visa application health checks and fitness to travel certificates
  • International vaccination booklets to keep as personal vaccination records
  • Antimalarial medications and information handouts on malaria
  • Broad selection of standard and customised medical kits for travellers including an authorisation booklet and instructions for use.
  • Corporate accounts
  • Medical Advisor (see below)
Medical Advisor

The Travel Doctor can also provide your organisation a personalised Medical Advisor. The Medical Advisor is able to:

  • Provide destination specific advice on health risks that employees might encounter and how to minimise these risks
  • Provide pre-departure presentations and briefings to groups and individuals
  • Review pre-departure medicals and final 'sign-off' for employees for overseas postings
  • Review medicals for all returning employees to ensure all appropriate tests have been undertaken
  • Liaise with employees and local medics regarding on-going medical care
  • Hold copy of pre-departure medical for records and reference
For more details on The Travel Doctor Medical Advisor service please contact Medical Services Enquires
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school and sporting groups

Services For Special Interest Groups

Our goal is to ensure you have a safe and successful overseas journey

Aside from the services offered to holiday or business travellers, The Travel Doctor recognises that groups such as sports teams, school groups and musicians also have special requirements.

At The Travel Doctor we take your pre-travel travel health preparation very seriously, and provide the following additional services for groups.

  • Group briefings where a member of The Travel Doctor trained medical staff meets with the group to answer specific health related questions.
  • Arranging clinics for immunisations
  • Prepare customised medical kits
The Travel Doctor guarantees the best possible health preparation, in the most cost effective way, and the consistency of our recommendations have been found to be especially appreciated by group organisers.

For more medical services information please visit the Our services page or contact your nearest Travel Doctor Clinic
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